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Houston Wedding Photographer
Houston Wedding Photography
Houston Wedding Photographer
Houston Wedding Photographer

About: The Radiant Team

Meet the creative team behind your radiant wedding, Joan & Jordan! We know exactly what it's like planning a wedding and preparing for your "ever after". We've both been married almost a decade to our beloved husbands, but our own weddings definitely marked the most memorable moments of our lives, and we innately understand those valuable moments that need to be made timeless through photography and videography.

"One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was hiring not only a great photographer, but also a videographer. We watch our wedding video every single anniversary and it not only evokes memories of how beautiful that day was, but it also reminds us of our timeless vows to one another." [ Joan ]

We both know the impact that amazing wedding photography and videography can have on one of the most memorable moments of your life, and we hope to get to serve you with our gifts and passions!

Houston Wedding Photography & Videography


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