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Houston Wedding Photographer

Engagement: Forrest & Jen

Find yourself a soul mate that values your unique giftings and passions. And how much more fun is life when they share in them as well?!

Loved our downtown engagement session in Houston with Forrest and Jen and their costumes! And we can't wait to capture their wedding in April, which will also be filled with creative and artistic expressions of their love and passions!

Swipe through their engagement photos and read their love story below!

How did y'all meet?

Jen threw a pet themed tea party for her birthday in 2018, and — since it was the first co-ed party she had thrown — her friend Marissa had the opportunity to invite Forrest. While it would take 6 months for us to start officially dating, that tea party was the first time we got to know each other.

What made you both know y'all were meant to be together?

Early on in our relationship we took a trip to Austin where we spent those 3 hours in the car intimately discussing our individual boundaries, expectations, and future plans. That trip helped us realize that we're both committed and willing to put in the effort. We both enjoy being a part of a fun team and we both share a lot of common goals and interests. We are two different types of creatives with different skills and we soon realized we have a lot to offer each other in ways that propel us forward towards the life we want to create.

In preparing for your wedding, what are some key values and characteristics of the layout and decor of your big day?

Our goal with the wedding space is to soften our industrial venue into a kind of geometric garden. There's already a lot of greenery to work with on the outside patio, so we'll have some faux foliage indoors to help bring some of that green indoors. Gold geometric shapes and ivory sola wood flowers are simple accents that bring some bright contrast against the naturally lush moss and walnut wood. We'll still have plenty of color at our tea party wedding with our more than 50 differently designed teacups that people can use. Forrest aspects of our home such as a mid-century modern credenza and film cameras will be set out alongside Jen's collection of oddities and curiosities.


We'd love to hear your love story!

If you're still on the search for a wedding photographer or videographer in the Houston area, we would love to be considered! Feel free to check out our wedding packages, submit an inquiry, and we can go from there!


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