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Tips: What's Your Love Language?

What's your love language, and why is it tacos? 😆

But for real, if y'all can learn each other's love languages now, it will save you sooooo many headaches down the road. Just like a language, it takes time to learn and practice. You won't get it perfect, but this will definitely prepare you for greater seasons of connection and communication.

We're not just wedding photographers. We truly care about your marital well-being after your wedding!

Based on Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages, this tried and true method of better understanding you and your beloved is foundational to a healthier and long-lasting marriage.

[And be sure to also check out their apology quiz and anger assessment.]

In summary...

The 5 Love Languages are:

Taking the 5 Love Languages Quiz will definitely help you pin point which languages you may speak the best and also hear with understanding. if English wasn't already enough. 🙃

Here are some highlights of each to give you a taste tester...

Even though we love doing wedding photography and videography as besties, our greatest passions are our own marriages and families. We know that those relationships will far outlast our talents and vocations in life. We hope that with these nuggets of wisdom that you too will be blessed into a greater marriage.

We'd love to hear your love story!

If you're still on the search for a wedding photographer or videographer in the Houston area, we would love to be considered! Feel free to check out our wedding packages, submit an inquiry, and we can go from there!


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